NuGet Server


Base2art has it's own NuGet Servers. We have have enhanced the standard NuGet.Server and pushed our changes back to the open source community.

Our source code can be found on bit bucket:

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In Progress Items

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Change Log

  • Bugs Columns data did not match column headings.
  • Explanation about nuget has been added to the home page for people that drop to the site and are unclear about what nuget is.

  • Search can be used to find that one package you were looking for. Find it on the home page.

    I intend to make a separate page that would be used exclusively for searching and viewing packages.

  • Basic Auth (Secured Packages) now ships standard with the application and is fully manageable using JSON Configuration.
    Along with being able to authenticate in the site, there is also a special way to authenticate into the NuGet server for applications (like nuget.exe) that do not support authentication. You simply use a "Personal Url" which is like any other url on the site except that it has an auth token embedded into the url's path.
    Full support for the following:
    Each User can have there own username and password, to which roles can be assigned.
    Ex: A User (John Smith) is a user of the system.
    A group is collection of users, to which roles can be assigned. These are best thought of as physical organization structures.
    Ex: A User (Sarah Smith) is a member of the group (Developers).
    Ex: A User (Merlin Catz) is a member of the group (Marketers).
    A role acts as a tie between a user or a group, and an action or a url. These are best thought of as logical organizational structures.
    Ex: A User (Sarah Smith) is a characterized [role] as a 'ChangeLog:Creator'.
    Ex: The Users in the Group (Marketers) are characterized [role] as a 'ChangeLog:Editor'.
    A permission is way to allow or deny access to url or feature based on a role, (and by proxy a user or group).
    Ex: Anyone who is characterized as a 'ChangeLog:Creator' can access the page '/app/changelog.aspx'.
    Ex: Anyone who is characterized as a 'ChangeLog:Editor' can press the 'save' button on '/app/changelog.aspx'.
  • Security Management User Interface (beta) now ships standard with the application and can be managed through the user interface

    Note: While the user interface may be lacking in some cases (for-instance: pagination, of groups), the enforcement of security is 100% complete and functional. I do plan to re-do the user interface in the future

  • Bootstrap is now the primary user interface framework in use.
  • BitBucket! is now the repository of record for this project.
  • Caching has been added so that the application fires up nearly instantaneously! it no longer takes minutes to re-start. This is done by storing the package metadata in the packages directory, as a result the application no longer has to open each file before a search can be done.
  • StyleCop & FxCop Fixes were completed to make the code easier to maintain in the future!
  • IIS 6 and non-iis browser support were completed to make the code easier to test for my dev environment on a virtual machine, where a user may not have IIS
  • Strong-Named So you can trust the quality!
    DLLs are now signed with Base2art's personal code-key so you can verify the authenticity of the code I have made just for you!
  • Versioning I have separated my software versioning from the larger NuGet project as a whole so that you can upgrade and down grade without worrying about the backing version of NuGet
  • Change Logs are shipping with the product as you can see here.
  • Licensing information has been updated to indicate that I am now a primary copyright holder of this code base.
  • BOB is a propietary [by Base2art] (potentially open source) build tool that makes packaging and deploying software easier. I have added meta data in the source tree to manage this build process.